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jag längtar så mycke efter att få se säsong 5, känner mig jätte taggad jag vill se nu 

Spoilers för säsong 5


1. Damon & Elena’s ‘New Relationship’
Now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) has officially chosen Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Julie said they’ll start a “new relationship” together, and we’ll get to see them “try to make it work.”

Of course, their relationship will be affected by the “villain in their midst they don’t know is a villain at the beginning.”


2. The ‘Mystery’ Of Stefan & Silas
Speaking of that unknown villain, Julie said fans will really enjoy Stefan’s doppelganger story line, which will allow Paul Wesley to flex his acting muscles as two completely different characters.

“[There will be] a pretty cool mythology that will carry on in terms of Silas, and the mystery of his past — 1,000 or 2,000 years ago,” she said.


3. There’s Still Hope For ‘Klaroline’
Despite two major obstacles standing in the way of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) getting together — not only are they on separate shows, but Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is also pregnant with Klaus’ baby — Julie said we shouldn’t consider ‘Klaroline’ to be a thing of the past:

Hayley is, by no means, the Cinderella in the Klaus love story. Hayley is a girl who’s pretty tough, fiery, independent … a survivor in her own right who got drunk, had sex and got knocked up. She’s going to have her own journey. She’s not really meant to be a threat to Klaus’ love life.


4. A ‘Freakin’ Pissed’ Human Katherine
Deciding to make Katherine the vampire who took the cure was no easy task for Julie and her writing team — but it’ll certainly be even less easy for Katherine, who will struggle to cope with suddenly being human again.

“We were just in the room the other day talking about the first time she catches a cold — just how freakin’ pissed she’s going to be about that,” Julie joked.


5. Jeremy Gilbert: Born Again
Fans were thrilled when Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) returned to the land of the living on the fourth season finale — but don’t expect his return to be a smooth one. Julie said there will be plenty of new obstacles as the hunter-turned-ghost-turned-human heads back to school.

“What the hell cover story is that going to be?” she said. “How’s he going to explain that? He had a memorial service! There were flyers!”

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New stills 4x23

längtar väldigt mycket efter det sista avsnittet i säsong 4 samtidigt som jag inte vill att säsong 4 ska sluta för att det har vart en grym säsong, konstig känsla jag har typ samma känsla som jag alltid har haft när en säsong ska slut, men nu ska vi ju tänka på dom bra sakerna som det faktum att det är nytt avsitt på fredag avsnitt 4x21 yiho.
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New spoilers

Question: Anything new on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? —Maximilian Ausiello:
The May 16 climax finds Rebekah “just trying like hell to graduate and have that true-life human experience,” previews EP Julie Plec. But perhaps she should be more concerned about this teaser from Plec: “We’ll get a surprise visit from at least one more Original.” – TV Line

Will Elena get her humanity back this season on The Vampire Diaries? She really sucks!— Tanya
NATALIE: That remains to be seen, but in next week’s episode, Damon will put one of Elena’s friends in extreme (aka life-or-death) danger in order to get some emotion — maybe even tears! —out of her. But who’s the pawn in Damon’s plan? Hint: He’s a dying breed on the series. - TV Guide

webclip 4x19 #1 och #2

källa: hittade själv på youtube 

Spoiler #2 4x19

1. The Fight to be Good: In order to prove to her brothers that her desperation to be human isn’t a whim, Rebekah (Claire Holt) tries to spend an entire day free of her vamp privileges. Too bad everyone, including our favorite human Matt (Zach Roerig), doesn’t think she can pull it off.
Oh, and guess who are living together? Elena and Rebekah! And these former frenemies are getting along pretty well as Elena is basically Rebekah’s prom queen election manager.

2. Klaroline Update: While we’re sworn to secrecy about their storyline, we can say that someone notes that everyone’s favorite blonde vamp has Klaus (Joseph Morgan) “wrapped around her finger.” And Klaus proves it’s true by the end of the hour, though he doesn’t appear at prom. Come on, that’s just be weird.

3. Body Count: During the big dance, more than one life is put in danger (And one of these is a regular). The other is April (Grace Phipps), who wears one of the worst prom dresses and hairstyles in TV prom history. (The O.C.’s Marissa Cooper she is not.)

4. Start of Staroline?: Though Stefan shares a rather intimate moment with his ex Elena on the dance floor, he also shares a dance with his pal Caroline and the chemistry is definitely there between them. And it seems like they might be starting to notice…especially when Caroline tries to give Stefan advice on how to move on.

5. The B-Word: During his prom moment with Elena, Damon drops two b-words during their intense conversation: “Boyfriend” and, er, “bitch.” And yes, she really deserves at least one of these after trying to hit him where it really hurts, aka the sire bond.



Kommer Stefan lämna Elena ?


Ah, those sweet, sweet Defan moments. In Hollywood Life’s new spoiler clip for The vampire diaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian somerhalder) plot to make Elena (Nina dobrev) regain her emotions — while wholesomely tossing a football in the Salvatore mansion. Guess they didn't see that Brady Bunch episode about playing ball in the house.


It’s been over a week since the emotionless vamp killed the waitress in Pennsylvania. (And the authorities still haven’t caught up with her!) The two vampire brothers are determined to flip Elena’s humanity switch — by any means necessary. Giving her the cure is still their best option, even if it means she’ll start killing people in the meantime.


“We could always make her want it,” Stefan suggests.


Damon asks, “So what are we going to do? Pull a Lexi? Bombard her with emotions until one of them sticks?” That’s the gist of it.


And when Elena is an emotional wreck, dealing with the grief over Jeremy’s (Steven R. mcQueen) death, guilt over killing the waitress, and all the other feelings she’s been suppressing, Stefan’s out. He tells Damon, “you, my friend, will be right by her side, ready to help her through it.”


Damon seems a bit skeptical his baby bro will be able to just walk away, but he’s ready to plot Elena’s return to normalcy anyway.


Can’t wait to see the scheme they come up with to flip Elena’s humanity switch. May we suggest puppies? Lots and lots of puppies.



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