Spoiler #2 4x19

1. The Fight to be Good: In order to prove to her brothers that her desperation to be human isn’t a whim, Rebekah (Claire Holt) tries to spend an entire day free of her vamp privileges. Too bad everyone, including our favorite human Matt (Zach Roerig), doesn’t think she can pull it off.
Oh, and guess who are living together? Elena and Rebekah! And these former frenemies are getting along pretty well as Elena is basically Rebekah’s prom queen election manager.

2. Klaroline Update: While we’re sworn to secrecy about their storyline, we can say that someone notes that everyone’s favorite blonde vamp has Klaus (Joseph Morgan) “wrapped around her finger.” And Klaus proves it’s true by the end of the hour, though he doesn’t appear at prom. Come on, that’s just be weird.

3. Body Count: During the big dance, more than one life is put in danger (And one of these is a regular). The other is April (Grace Phipps), who wears one of the worst prom dresses and hairstyles in TV prom history. (The O.C.’s Marissa Cooper she is not.)

4. Start of Staroline?: Though Stefan shares a rather intimate moment with his ex Elena on the dance floor, he also shares a dance with his pal Caroline and the chemistry is definitely there between them. And it seems like they might be starting to notice…especially when Caroline tries to give Stefan advice on how to move on.

5. The B-Word: During his prom moment with Elena, Damon drops two b-words during their intense conversation: “Boyfriend” and, er, “bitch.” And yes, she really deserves at least one of these after trying to hit him where it really hurts, aka the sire bond.


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