Promo för 4x19

the original spin-off nästa vecka, har värkligen sett fram emot dethär någon mer som är grymt taggad ? :D 
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Kommer Stefan lämna Elena ?


Ah, those sweet, sweet Defan moments. In Hollywood Life’s new spoiler clip for The vampire diaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian somerhalder) plot to make Elena (Nina dobrev) regain her emotions — while wholesomely tossing a football in the Salvatore mansion. Guess they didn't see that Brady Bunch episode about playing ball in the house.


It’s been over a week since the emotionless vamp killed the waitress in Pennsylvania. (And the authorities still haven’t caught up with her!) The two vampire brothers are determined to flip Elena’s humanity switch — by any means necessary. Giving her the cure is still their best option, even if it means she’ll start killing people in the meantime.


“We could always make her want it,” Stefan suggests.


Damon asks, “So what are we going to do? Pull a Lexi? Bombard her with emotions until one of them sticks?” That’s the gist of it.


And when Elena is an emotional wreck, dealing with the grief over Jeremy’s (Steven R. mcQueen) death, guilt over killing the waitress, and all the other feelings she’s been suppressing, Stefan’s out. He tells Damon, “you, my friend, will be right by her side, ready to help her through it.”


Damon seems a bit skeptical his baby bro will be able to just walk away, but he’s ready to plot Elena’s return to normalcy anyway.


Can’t wait to see the scheme they come up with to flip Elena’s humanity switch. May we suggest puppies? Lots and lots of puppies.



weblip #2 4x19

nu på fredag får vi se detta balavsnitt, kan inte vänta till jag får se dethär avsnittet jag har saknat TVD så grymt mycke domhär 3 veckorna.
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4x19 promos

det blir bal avsnitt i nästa avsnitt, nu är det bara att sitta och längta ihjäl sig i tre veckor. ( 4x19 kommer alltså komma ut den 19 april) 
en snabbare och kortare version. 
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